A clean chimney is a safer chimney

Chimney Cleaning in Hampshire

Proficiently removing soot and ash from your chimney, we go above and beyond to carry out the sweep in an efficient and timely manner. Moreover, we also go the extra mile to ensure we complete all jobs in accordance with our quality standards. To find out more about our competitively priced chimney sweeping services, please get in touch with our team in Havant, Hampshire.

Preparing for a Chimney Sweep

When booking a chimney sweep, please give as much information about your property as possible. For example:

Preparing for a Chimney Sweep

  • Whether You Have a House or Bungalow

  • How Many Floors Your Property Has

  • How Many Chimneys Your Property Has

  • Type of Fireplace in Your Property

Please remove items from around the fireplace and any fuel remains from the fire. In addition to this, please make sure the fireplace is cold.

Keeping the Area Clean

Before carrying out any work on your chimney, we lay heavy-duty sheets in front of the fireplace, and we use specially manufactured soot cloths to shield the fireplace and retain the soot. If it is a wet day, we will lay sheets from your front door through to your fireplace.

Chimney Sweep Certificates

Following our team completing the sweep, we will provide a Chimney Sweeping Report Certificate, which you can use for insurance purposes. Please note that when you have booked a chimney sweep with us, one of our team must allocate time out of their day to travel to your property. If we arrive at your property and no work can be carried out, then we reserve the right to charge a fee to cover petrol costs and time spent travelling. 

Chimney stacks, pots, and cowls should be able to withstand chimney sweeping, if for any reason a pot/cowls break or become dislodged during this process, we cannot take any responsibility.

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